Walks are planned by Indiana state parks

Poultry Run State Park in Indianapolis or tones provide the year a winter backpack to begin.
1 should be gathered at by individuals for that Tones backpack: 30 EST Jan. 1 within the Peach Protection parking lot to get a two-time winter that is reasonable stroll to consider winter birds, eagles, monitors and much more. Binoculars are useful, and we’ll possess a several sets to talk about. Water and treats supplied.

To experience at its best, collect within the Poultry Run Hotel Reception at 7 EST to walk via a romantic winter evening having a naturalist. Contact owls and check your feelings that are crazy. Dress warmly for that one-time easy stroll. The Chicken Run Motel will give you treats and fireplace warm candy afterward.
These household-pleasant activities are not blame. The typical playground entry charges may use. For extra information contact the Character Center at (765) 597-2654.